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Art Appreciation AR 100

Research information for students enrolled in AR 100: Art Appreciation

Library Videos

Video Databases

Selected Videos

Videos on the Web

Example Video Citations

Video from a Database

Title of Movie/Long Standalone Video [or] “Title of Clip/TV Episode/Short Standalone Video.” Title of TV Show or Longer Video if Citation is a Clip, produced by/directed by/other creative role by First Name Last Name [if relevant], Production Company/Publisher of Video, Video release date. Title of Database, URL or DOI of video.​

“Rutherford B. Hays: Great Compromise of 1877.” The Presidents: 1865-1885, produced by Craig Haffner and Donna E. Lusitana, The History Channel, 2005. Films on Demand,

America Is to Blame for Mexico’s Drug War: A Debate. Intelligence Squared US, 2008. Infobase Issues & Controversies,

​Video Uploaded to a Hosting Website (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)

Creator Last Name, First Name if available, creator role. “Title of Short Video” [or] Title of Long Video/Feature Film. Title of Website, uploaded by Username of person who uploaded video, Day Month Year video was posted, URL.

Aranda, Michael, host. “Sprites, Jets, and Glowing Balls: The Science of Lightning.” YouTube, uploaded by SciShow, 23 June 2016,

Sangra, Danny, director. “War.” Vimeo, uploaded by Danny Sangra, 31 July 2018,