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Canvas Integration

Faculty Instructions

1. Open your Canvas Studio or your current course:

Canvas Dashboard

2. In Course Navigation, click the Modules link:

3. To add EBSCO material to an existing Module, click the Module Add item '+' button:

Add item button

4. In the Add [Item Type] drop-down menu, select External Tool:

External Tool

5. Scroll down the list and choose EBSCO from the alphabetical list:


6. A new window will appear in your browser. Scroll down to choose a database from the EBSCO menu. Click on a single database to proceed:

Academic Search Premier

7. Search for articles or ebooks on your topic:

Search for topic

8. When you have identified the material to include in your course, click the gold +Add button:

EBSCO Add button

9. You will return to the Canvas Add Item box.

  • Scroll down to notice the URL and Page Name are now populated
  • Selecting 'Load in new tab' is generally not advised, since this requires more clicks to access the material.
  • Review the Indentation setting and adjust as needed.
  • Click the "Add Item" button:

Page and URL

10. Publish the item as well as the Module to make it available to students:


Popular EBSCO Databases