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Combating Disinformation in the Classroom

Teaching students the core elements of information literacy has become a battle in the age of disinformation. This guide provides resources and helpful tips to get your teaching on track to combat disinformation in the classroom.


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Activity Description Online In-Class
Factitious Pandemic Edition Decide if articles about COVID are real or fake by swiping left or right. X X-with devices
Spot the Troll Investigate social media profiles and find the troll amongst the real profiles. X X-with devices
Hoaxes & Havoc Take on the role of a social media user whose only goal is to spread disinformation to wreak havoc. 
X-with devices

Learn more about each project:

Factitious (click on Teachers at the top)

Spot the Troll

Hoaxes & Havoc

Notable Mention:

  • Evaluating news sites: Credible or Clickbait? - A full lesson plan centered on finding fake news using real examples. Copies of all materials can be printed and put into a packet for a tech-free option or you can put all documents online.