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Electronic Resources Troubleshooting

Connecting to an E-Resource

Some e-resources will not display correctly or function properly if the web browser is not configured properly.  Try one or more of the following:

  • Try a different browser.  There are several browsers to choose from such as Internet Explorer (IE), Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.  Try switching to a different browser.  Also, make sure the most up-to-date browser is being used.  Often times databases don't support old versions of browsers.
  • Clear the cache.  Clearing the cache will often solve many display and access problems.  You will most likely have to reboot the browser once you have cleared the cache.
  • Use the link from the Libraries & Archives website or A-Z list
  • Make sure you're using a persistent link.  Sometimes the link to a resource you are trying to use is a session url and not a persistent url.  This may also be called a permanent, stable, or durable url.  You should never assume that the url in the browser window is the one that will get you back to the article or ebook.  Look for a link or button that indicates that it will generate a persistent url.  You may also need to add the proxy URL to the beginning of the link.  The proxy URL is
  • Allow cookies.  Be sure the browser is set to accept cookies.  Many e-resources require the use of cookies and will not work if they are blocked.
  • Delete cookies.  Sometimes the browser will continue to use an old cookie or corrupted cookie rather than accept a new cookie from the e-resource.  Try deleting cookies, reboot the browser, and then accessing the e-resource again.
  • Adjust pop-up blocker settings.  Some e-resources require the use of pop-ups for content delivery.  Be sure the pop-up blocker allows pop-ups from this vendor.
  • Enable Javascript.  This is a scripting language commonly used to make web pages interactive.  Disabling JavaScript may cause some sites to not work properly.
  • Enable Java.  Java is a popular programming language used to create interactive or animated web content.  Disabling Java may cause some sites to not work properly.
  • Allow images.  Be sure the browser is set to allow images.  Disabling images may cause some sites to not work properly.
  • Check that the Firewall allows access to the resource.  Off campus access to e-resources from behind a firewall may not work.  Sometimes the security settings on firewalls are such that authentication is not possible.  Contact the Internet Service Provider (ISP) to discuss options but you may have to access the e-resource from elsewhere.