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Kim Veliz
Andover 5000 Library
Office 5012A
715 E. 13th St.
Andover, KS 67002

General Resources

Opinion Polls

Annenberg Media

Anneberg Media provides full video programs on demand, online textbooks and guides, and also activities and handouts for all grade levels and subjects. These are all free for you to use after you create an account.

Evaluating Web Sites

Use the CRAAP test to help you evaluate web sites you find on Google or other search engines.

Citing Resources

While you are at Butler, you will use articles, books, journals, websites, and many other works for your research assignments. Citations are how you give credit to the authors of these sources.

Choose your citation style:

  • APA - Psychology, Biology, Sociology, Business, Education
  • MLA - English, Humanities, History

Always double check the citation requirements on your assignment to ensure you are using the correct citation style. When in doubt, contact your instructor.