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Faculty Services

Course Related Instruction

Information skills are necessary for students to successfully pursue their college studies and later, as graduates, to stay abreast of current developments in their area of specialization. The ability to retrieve and evaluate information also assists individuals in making personal decisions. The Library is committed to teaching information skills in individual and group settings. Reference Librarians are available to teach classes to students about how to find and evaluate specific information resources.

We provide multiple alternatives to teach students research skills:

You can contact us through email or phone or use the form below.

  • El Dorado - Kimberly Veliz, (316)323-6843 
  • Andover - Judy Bastin,, (316)218-6371

Order El Dorado Instruction - here

Order Andover 5000 Instruction - here

Get Your Own Guide

Do You Like This Page? Would you like a Research Guide for your class?

We can create a guide that is specifically designed for YOUR course(s) that includes only the resources that your students need.  You tell us what you'd like to include and we will build it. If you would like an idea of how your guide will look click on the Template to see the framework.

Getting started is easy.  

Fill out the form below and we will contact you for specific resources.