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Videos and Tutorials to Help Your Students With Research - Credo Instruct

Instructions for Adding Credo Videos and Tutorials to Your Canvas Class

  1. After you have chosen the video or tutorial that you would like to use in your class, hover over the link and right click on the mouse. Select copy link address Copy the address
  2. OR click the link and then  copy the URL at the top of the page.

Upload URL

3. Go into the Canvas page that you want to place the link. Type in the text that you want your link to be called.

4.. Highlight the text and click on the link button in the editor. Paste in the permalink that you copied from url.jpg

5. Click on the  "Insert Link" button and your link is saved in your page.url link.jpg

6. Alternately, you can add a link to a Module by clicking the plus sign in the Module.add tool.jpg

7. Click  on External URL and paste link in box and add a name. Click on "Add item".

9. You now have a direct link to the video or tutorial in your Module.

**Remind students that they will need their pipeline username and password to see the article or book.