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Memorial, Gift, Honor & Marianne Koke Folk Arts Collection


Annually the L. W. Nixon Library collection is further enriched by the new books that are donated. These are memorial books, honoring a loved one who has passed away, or gift books, commemorating a special event in the life of a family member or friend.

To arrange to place a memorial or gift book with the L. W. Nixon Library, please contact the library by e-mail at or phone El Dorado (316)322-3234, Wichita/metro area(316)733-3234.

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FOR                                                     TITLE

From: Butler Community College

Leatha Hayes - The Tending Instinct: how nurturing is essential.

Bo Dee Gaines - Jefferson's War.

Nicholas Regehr Parsons - The Backyard Astronomer's Guide. 

Rojean Holem - Handcrafted Journal, Albums, Scrapbooks and More.

Al Schairbaum - Two Roads to Dodge City.

Virginia Lewis - Women Potters

Lisa Byfield - The Seuss, The Whole Seuss, and Nothing but the Seuss.

Lillian Abigail Chandler - Rebekah.

Bill Gwinup - The Perfect Mile.

Mildred Moreland - Rachel and Leah.

Howard Phillips - Learning Theories: A to Z.

Rosalie Ann Thiessen - The Oxford Companion to Classical Literature.

Harlan Sloan - Father Joe.

Luke B. Tiahrt - An Open Book.

Robert Nordman - Encyclopedia of the Great Plains.

Marjorie Ingle Melton, Mother of Freda Briggs - The second glass of absinthe.

Helen White, Mother of Tom White - Kansas 24/7.

Jessie Patterson, Mother of Dalton Patterson - Today matters.

Nub Nelson - Linus Pauling: scientist and peacemaker.

Timothy David Wright - Minding the law. 

Dortha Fink, Mother of Kathy Starke - Re-imagine.

Carol Mould, Wife of Dr. Doug Mould - The school of dying graces.

From: Clifford W. Stone

William E. Stone - Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea.

Mrs. Clifford W. ("Sally"Connell) Stone - The Great Masters.
     Stone A History of Art.
     Stone American Art Deco.
     N. C. Wyeth.
     Chromaform: Color in Sculpture.
     Barbara Chase-Riboud
     Robert Indiana.
     Stone Master Drawings Rediscovered.
     Masterpieces of the J. Paul Getty Museum : Drawings.
     Democracy Matters.
     The Enemy Within.

Mrs.Wilber (Olive Clifford) Stone - Eats, Shoots & Leaves.  

Samuel R. Clifford - Good to be Great.

Mrs. Dan (Anna Young) Rardin - A women's guide to golf.

From: Butler Community College Golden Grizzly Ambassadors

Bill Burchill - It's more than the music: Life lesson on friends faith, and what matters most.

RoJean Holem - The Pocket Muse: Ideas & Inspiration for Writing.

Jeanne Haines - Stardust Melody: The life & Music of Hoagy Carmichael.

From: Susan Balman

Lillian Abigail Chandler, daughter of Rob and Bethany Chandler and sister of Ariane and Aidan - The Tale of Despereaux

From: Curtis and Juli Willhite

 Horace Lee Williams - Life with Ol'Mike.

From: John Jenkinson

Marjorie Melton - Still Wild: Short Fiction of the American West.

From: L. W. Nixon Library Staff

Alpha M. (Moore) Rorie, Grandmother of Ronda Holt - Songbirds: how to attract them and identify their songs.

Frances Stradley, Grandmother of Judy Bastin - Weaving contemporary rag rugs. 


FROM                            TITLE

Mark Weeks - A History of Narrative Film.
     The Phantom of the Opera (DVD)

Clifford W. Stone - The Essential 55.
     The Language Police  
     The American Congress

Mr. Charles R. Haller - Annie : child of the prairie


FROM                                    TITLE

In Honor of Linda Billingsley, on her Retirement by John Jenkinson - Beat Procrastination and make the Grade.

Sharon Rogers - Words of Wisdom for Women.

Fellow Butler Employees - Critical Success Strategies for new Leader at all Levels.  
     Founding Mothers.
     The Fred Factor.  
     A Hole in Texas.  
     What Great Leaders do.  
     The Master Quilter  
     When the Bucks Stops With You.  
     Women Makes the Best Salesmen.  
     Nice girls don't get the corner office.  
     Paint & Color in Decoration.  
     The Elements of Style.  
     Are Men Necessary.  
     Lives of the Muses.  
     George Washington Spymaster.  
     More Book Lust.

In Honor of Hazel Clothier, for her Masters in Library Science, Emporia State University -  International Encyclopedia of Information & Library Science