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Open Education Resource(OER) Guide

This guide will provide an overview of OER, repositories for OERs, and guidance to creating/remixing OER materials

Library and Other Options

Strategies for Using GovDocs for OER
  1. General searches at
  2. Look for GAO, CRS or CBO reports. See this guide for detailed help finding government reports.
  3. Try one of the 5 National Libraries
    1. National Library of Medicine (PUBMED)
    2. National Library of Education (ERIC)
    3. National Agriculture Library (PubAg)
    4. National Transportation Library 
    5. Library of Congress
  4. Narrow down to specific Agencies.‚Äč
    1. ex. USDA  v. National Ag Library v. USDA Economic Research Service
    2.  Some agencies aren't .gov   ex.