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What is in the Credo Database?

Credo is a database of 835 reference books from 108 publishers. The 3,456,110 full text articles are small to medium size and cover thousands of topics. 

Credo's mission to help users with information skills comes from this research.

"We currently find ourselves in an era of unprecedented access to Information, however successfully navigating this ocean of data requires a strong foundation of information literacy skills. Unfortunately, the information skills of the average individual are often lacking. For example, 56% of high school graduates don’t know how to do research.1 At the same time, 61% of college students use Wikipedia for research even though just 24% of them believe that it is a trustworthy source.2 This extends beyond the classroom77% of employees feel that finding and using information is an essential part of their everyday work.3 Most surprising of all: nearly a third of all U.S. citizens do not know how to use the Internet!4"

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What Credo looks like?

Credo entry from an encyclopedia