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Butler Writing Guide


Writing can be hard.  This guide brings together links to helpful information for you to use as you write your papers. 

In the sections on the left, you'll find links to tips on:

  • Beginning your writing (Step #1 Pre-Writing).
  • Writing your content (Step #2 Writing).
  • Revising and completing your writing (Step #3 Finishing).

If you're assigned a research paper, or if you need to develop citations, there is a tab for this (Research & Citations).  See also the Example APA and Example MLA paper in the tabs above.   

If you are in Comp. I or Comp. II, take a look at the Terms & Definitions tab.

ESL means English as a Second Language.  The ESL tab has links to resources for you if you need extra help with the English language.

Online Writing Lab

The Butler Online Writing Lab (OWL) is a free service available to students currently enrolled in courses on any Butler campus or in Butler online courses.

To get feedback on a paper from the OWL, you must enroll in the OWL Canvas course. To do so, visit: You will be prompted to log in with your Canvas username and password. Then, you'll be asked to confirm that you want to enroll in the OWL course - click "Enroll in Course." 

Once you are enrolled, you can submit your paper to the OWL. An English faculty member will review it and give you feedback within two business days (Mon.-Fri.).

Butler OWL Web site

Butler Writing Guide


Face-to-Face Tutoring
Butler offers face-to-face tutoring in many subjects.  Check the tutoring schedules to find a time and place for you.

Online Tutoring
To access NetTutor:

1) Login to Canvas
2) Locate and click on the NetTutor icon located on the left side of the screen
     *A new window will open taking you directly to the tutoring site for that subject

1) Login to Pipeline.
2) Click on the "My Courses" tab.
3) Select the current term, i.e. Fall 2016.
4) Click on the link "NetTutor Online Tutoring" section found below the course you need tutoring in.
5) A new window will open taking you directly to the tutoring site for that subject.

To view a schedule for online tutoring visit schedules (at the bottom of the page) select NetTutor - Online Tutoring. 

Study Day
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A Special Thanks

A very special thanks goes out to the writing lab and library at Beaufort County Community College for generously allowing us to use their Online Writing Lab guide as a template.

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