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Donating to the Libraries & Archives


Monetary Gifts and Endowments
Financial donations to the Libraries & Archives may be made through the Butler Community College

Gifts of Books and Other Materials
All gifts and donations of materials shall be subject to the professional judgement of the librarian based on the following guidelines:

  • duplicates material in the collection
  • will not add significantly to adequate material available
  • is out of date
  • is of questionable veracity
  • is better suited to serve in an online format
  • the physical condition of the donation

Your Gift and Income Tax Deductions
Donors who intend to deduct the value of their gifts for income tax purposes are encouraged to create their own lists of donated items and contact their tax attorneys or their accountants.

Federal law prohibits libraries from valuing materials. You can have your collection appraised by an independent appraiser before donating to the Libraries & Archives.