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Canvas Integration

Faculty Instructions

1. Open your Canvas Studio or your current course:

2. Click on 'Pages" in the Navigation bar and then click on the 'View All Pages' button:

View All Pages button

3. Either open a page already created or click the '+ Page' button to create a new page:

New page

4. If you open an already created page, click the 'Edit' button:

Edit page

5. In the text editor, click on the Apps button that looks like a 'plugin cord' and then View All. Select Gale or Credo databases. After you use the tool once, you will see it in your drop-down menu:

6. In Gale, type in your search topic and click enter or the magnifier lens:

Search Gale Academic OneFile

7. Select an article from the results page:

Gale article

8. Click on the 'Embed Document' at the top of the article, above the article title:

Embed Document button

9. In Credo Reference, search for your topic and click enter or the magnifier glass:

Search Credo

10. Click on the red 'LTI embed' above your chosen entry:

LTI embed

11. Your article or entry will be embedded into the Canvas page that you are editing. Then click the 'Save' or 'Save & Publish' button:

Save or Save and Publish