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Elections and Voting

Information about voting and elections in Kansas and the U.S.

Federal Elections

Federal elections are for:

  • President
    • 4-year term
  • U.S. Congress
    • House of Representatives
      • 2-year term
      • Number of representatives per state based on U.S. Census population data
    • Senate
      • 6-year term
      • 2 senators per state, regardless of population

Federal elections take place every 2 years. During every federal election, every seat in the House of Representatives is up for election, as well as one third of seats in the Senate. The Presidential election happens during every other federal election (every 4 years). Federal election years when the president is not up for election are referred to as midterms.

General Information

Primaries & Caucuses

In primary elections, voters determine who will go on to the general election. Most states use primaries for both congressional and presidential races. A few states use caucuses to determine their support for presidential candidates.

Party Organizations

IMPORTANT NOTE: Because these websites belong to political parties, news items may be inaccurate or distorted.