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Active Learning Strategies

Dot Voting

This anticipatory set is great for a one shot where you are not given much time to go over library resources. Students lead the session by voting on what topics are the most important to learn in the timeframe, as well as having them begin to think about research and what they will need to complete their assignment.


1. Chart paper
2. Markers
3. Stickers


Write out learning outcomes/questions on the chart paper. Make sure that you have a variety from all parts of the research process/frameworks. 

In Class:

1. Place the charts on the wall. Place an extra empty chart on the wall for other questions. Place stickers on tables. 

2. Post instructions on a slide or whiteboard:  "Please take two stickers from the table, read the learning outcomes/questions on the wall and put the dots beside the two outcomes that are the most important to you. If you have other questions, write them on the empty paper. Be ready to explain your choices."

3. Using the results, direct your instruction to those topics. Ask students why they voted on that topic. Also, address the other questions that might be written in the empty wall chart.

Alternative Strategies:

If you have time,  prompt them to think of questions, write them on the charts and then vote.