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Active Learning Strategies

Speed Dating (Inside/Outside Circles or Parallel Line-Ups)

This activity can be used as an anticipatory set, activity in the middle of a session, or reviewing at the end of a class. Students are sharing and questioning other students to increase their understanding of learning outcomes or processes.

1. Prompts which could be questions, graphics, short articles, or worksheets.

Prepare whatever prompts that you want to use. Copies will be needed either each participant or for each set of partners.

In Class:
1. If you have prompts for each student, hand them out so that they have time to either complete the worksheets or collect their thoughts on the prompt.

2. Divide students into two equal groups. If you have prompts for one set of partners, hand them out now.

3. Provide a limited amount of time for the partners to discuss the prompt.

4. Next, have one person at one end of the line walk quickly to the other end of the line, while all other move one space to the right to face a new partner.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 as many time as necessary for students to fully discuss the prompt.

 from AVID Postsecondary Strategies for Success: A Guide for Faculty and Student Affairs Professionals