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MLA Citation Guide

MLA Citations

MLA Style is often used for classes in the humanities, such as English and history. The APA Citation Style is the other common format at Butler Community College, usually used in the sciences. See the APA citations guide for more information.

The formats in this guide are based on the 9th edition of the MLA Handbook

A note on the MLA 9th Edition: The 9th edition of the MLA Handbook was published in April 2021. The 8th and 9th editions use the same citation system, but the 9th edition has significantly clarified its advice and provided additional examples. For more information on the new edition, see the MLA Style Center's edition comparison chart.

Questions? Ask a librarian, consult the MLA Handbook (see above), or visit the MLA Style Center.

9th Edition Handout


                            NoodleTools is a citation manager, which helps you format and organize your citations. It is available free of charge to students currently enrolled in at least one Butler course.