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Decorative header of a top down view of a desk, laptop, coffee, and notepad that reads NoodleTools.


What is NoodleTools?

NoodleTools makes citing and keeping track of sources easy and will create your works cited/reference page for you in a few simple clicks. It also lets you create notecards and outlines that can be shared with your instructor and fellow students. 

How do I get a NoodleTools account?

All students/faculty/staff have NoodleTools accounts provided to them by Butler. To log in to your account, follow the steps below in the heading "Logging In". 

How do I use NoodleTools?

Check out our video tutorials on the page "NoodleTools Video Tutorials" found in the menu on the left. Or, read our step-by-step guide below.

Logging In

First time logging in?

1. Go to and click the blue "Log In" button found on the top right.
2. Select the "Microsoft 365" option below the username and password.
3. Enter your Butler email and password on the Microsoft sign-in page.
4. You can fill in the profile information (optional), then click "Save Profile".

To Log-in, follow steps 1-3



NoodleTools Quick Guide

In the Quick Guide you will find how to: log in, start a new project, cite sources from databases and websites, share a project, make an in-text citation, and create a works cited page.

NoodleTools Expanded Quick Guide

In addition to everything in the Quick Guide, the expanded guide also includes how to create a notecard and how to create an outline.