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APA Citation Guide

Butler's guide to APA citations

Reference List - General Information



Your References list should start on a new page.

Alphabetize your reference list by the first word of the citation (usually the author's last name).

  • If you are citing more than one work by the same author, the work with the earliest date goes first.
  • If you have more than one work published in the same year by the same author, alphabetize by title.
  • If some of your references' authors share a last name, alphabetize by first initials.

Double space all of the citations on your reference page.

Indent the second & following lines of the citation 0.5 inches.  

2 -20 authors: Provide the name of all authors. For example Wingert, P., Smith, J., & Brown, P.

Over 21 authors: Provide the name of the first nineteen authors followed by an ellipsis (...) and the last author's name. For example: 

Pegion, K., Kirtman, B. P., Becker, E., Collins, D. C., LaJoie, E., Burgman, R., Bell, R., DelSole, R., Min, D., Zhu, Y., Li, W., Sinsky, E., Guan, H., Gottschalck, J., Metzger, E. J., Barton, N. P., Achuthavarier, D., Marshak, J., Koster, R., . . .  Kim, H. (2019). The subseasonal experiment (SubX): A multimodel subseasonal prediction experiment. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society100(10), 2043-2061.

Only capitalize the first word of the document title. If there is a colon in the title, capitalize the first word after the colon.

Italicize the title of the magazine or journal.  Also, italicize the volume number - but do not italicize the issue number.

Vol., issue, and pages may not always be available on Internet sources. If they are not used, the name of the journal is all that can be provided in the reference list.

No Date: Use n.d. (no date) when a publication date is not available.

URL: Break a URL that goes to another line after a slash or before a period.

Student Sample Paper and Example Reference List

Partial Reference List Example


Achterberg, J. (1985). Imagery in healing. Shambhala Publications.

American Psychological Association. (2017). Stress in America: The state of our nation.

Baider, L., Uziely, B., & Kaplan De-Nour, A. (1994). Progressive muscle relaxation and guided imagery in cancer patients. General Hospital Psychiatry, 16(5), 340–347.

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Freebird Meditations. (2012, June 17). Progressive muscle relaxation guided meditation [Video]. YouTube.