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Memorial, Gift, Honor & Marianne Koke Folk Arts Collection


Annually the L. W. Nixon Library collection is further enriched by the new books that are donated. These are memorial books, honoring a loved one who has passed away, or gift books, commemorating a special event in the life of a family member or friend.

To arrange to place a memorial or gift book with the L. W. Nixon Library, please contact the library by e-mail at or phone El Dorado (316)322-3234, Wichita/metro area(316)733-3234.

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From Butler Community College 

David Adams, Father of Donna Adams–Zimmerman - Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal.

Thomas D. Anderson, Brother of Wava Craft - 22 Ideas to Fix the World: Conversation with the World's Foremost Thinkers.

Larry Bailey, Brother of Carol Hull - The Practice of Adaptive Leadership.

Mark Baker, Son of Tammy Baker - Masters of the Planet.

Noah Flynn Beasley, Infant son of John & Kelly Beasley - A Perfect Day.

Glen Butler, Father of Susie Edwards - The Age of Edison.

Shirley Chastain, Grandmother of Jade Allen - The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic.

Terry Crone, Father of Lorna Jester - Thinking in Numbers.

Norma Edwards, Grandmother of Amy Kerschner - Eighty Days: Nellie Bly and Elizabeth Bisland’s History Making Race Around the World.

Miriam Ely, Grandmother of Lisa Schmidt - Book of Ages: the Life and Opinions of Jane Franklin.

Adrian Fair, Father-in-law of Joyce Millard - Balance: the Economics of Great Powers from Ancient Rome to Modern America.

Clara Hayslett, Mother of Cindy Miles - The Good Struggle.

Donald Hodges, Father of Sonya Sullivan - Learning from Leonardo: Decoding the Notebooks of a Genius.

Jean Homori, Sister of Dr. Jackie Vietti - The Science Delusion: Asking the Big Question in an Age of Easy Answers.

Annabelle Howard, Mother of Pat Cummings - Consider the Fork: a History of How We Cook & Eat.

Richard G. Hull Sr., Father-in-law of Carol Hull - The Elements: a Visual Exploration of Every Known Atom.

Barbara Jenkinson, Mother of John Jenkinson - How Literature Saved my Life.

Clara Johnson, Grandmother of Kara Johnson - The Dust Bowl: an Illustrated History.

Captain Nganiwe Kalinga, Father of Twambe Kerstetter - Knocking on Heaven's Door.

June Krull, Mother-in-law of Dr. Kimberly Krull - 500 Cake & Cookie Decorations.

Norma Lawrence, Mother of Rodger Lawrence - One Summer: America, 1927.

Chuck Little, Father of Cherri & Cheryl Dowell - The Civil War: the Second Year Told by Those Who Lived It.

David Longfellow, Husband of Shirley Longfellow - Four Seasons of Travel. (National Geographic)

Cletus Mabe, Father-in-law of Dee Mabe - The Civil War of 1812.

Molly Diane Mann, Daughter of Betty Criss - Ginkgo.

Tracy Miller, Brother of Nancy Daw - The World Until Yesterday.

Mary Lou Mills, Mother-in-Law of Anita Mills - The Trauma of Everyday Life.

Darrel Moore, Father of Meredith Helton - On the Map.

Darryn Dwane Moore, Brother of Teri VanDever - Time Reborn.

Ronald Morrison, Father-in-law of Rhonda Morrison - How : Why How We Do Anything Means Everything.

Lester Douglas “Doug” Nixon, Husband of Marlene Nixon - Came Men on Horses: the Conquistador Expeditions of Francisco Vazquez de Coronado and Don Juan de Onate.

Steve Pershall, Husband of Edith Waugh - Our Lives, Our Fortunes & Our Sacred Honor: the Forging of American Independence.

Buford "Coach" Pringle, Father of Buford & Linda Pringle - The Signal and the Noise.

Dawn Pruitt, Daughter of Don & Lois Pruitt - Federico Barocci: Renaissance Master of Color and Line.

Virgil Regehr, Grandfather of Lisa Schmidt - Special Operations During the American Revolution.

Sandra Jean Robinson, Sister of Joyce Millard - Decorate: 1,000 Professional Design Ideas.

Cleo Welty Rohr, Mother of Elmer & Rose Rohr - Out of Order: Stories form the History of the Supreme Court.

Phyllis Carolyn Choate Southard, Mother of Melody - Choate Why Teach: in Defense of a Real Education.

Jeff Tomlinson, Husband of Rita Tomlinson Bunker - Hill: a City, a Siege, A Revolution.

Methyl Waldie, Mother of Jana Garrison - The Bronte Sisters.

Fred Webb Jr., Husband of Marlene Webb - Ike's Bluff: President Eisenhower's Secret Battle to Save the World.

Opal "Faye" Wilson, Mother of Dawn Gardner & Mike Wilson - Planting: a New Perspective.

Francis "Frank" Wilson, Jr., Father of Carrie Humphries - Jim Henson: the Biography.

Deborah Winquist, Sister of Nancy Brown - The Quilt Walk.

From: Jim Gautier

In Memory of Ruth Gautier Grizzly Growl 1951.


FROM                                           TITLE

Keith West - History of the World. (DVD)
     Blazing Saddles. (DVD)

Gina Austin-Fresh - The Reduced Shakespeare Company's the complete works of William Shakespeare.
     What Life Was Like in the Age of Chivalry: Medieval Europe, AD 800-1500.
     What Life Was Like in the Realm of Elizabeth: England, AD 1533-1603.
     What Life Was Like When Rome Ruled the World: the Roman Empire, 100 BC - AD 200.
     What Life Was Like at the Dawn of Democracy: Classical Athens, 525-322 BC.
     Shakespeare for Kids.
     The Barrymores: Hollywood's First Family.
     Two Shakespearean Actors.
     Great American Music: Broadway Musicals.

Velma Horner - The Bodies Left Behind. (audio book)
     The 9th Judgment. (audio book)

Dr. Karla Fisher - Radiating Like a Stone.
     Lean In.

Bill Langley -  Galapagos. 
      No Birds Sing.
      The Speckled Monster (Smallpox) Katydids and Bush-Crickets.
      An Introduction to Chemistry for Biology Students. (9th Ed - 2007)


IN HONOR OF                                     TITLE

BJ Madewell - Introduction to Exceptional Children
     Benny & Joon.
     A Beautiful Mind.
     The Boy Who Could Fly.
     The Mighty.