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Memorial, Gift, Honor & Marianne Koke Folk Arts Collection


Annually the L. W. Nixon Library collection is further enriched by the new books that are donated. These are memorial books, honoring a loved one who has passed away, or gift books, commemorating a special event in the life of a family member or friend.

To arrange to place a memorial or gift book with the L. W. Nixon Library, please contact the library by e-mail at or phone El Dorado (316)322-3234, Wichita/metro area(316)733-3234.

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From: Butler Community College

Keith Ballew - Mission-based Marketing.

William G. (Bill) Bidwell - Sports and Games of the 18th & 19th Century.

Dr. Robert Lester Brown - 1421 The Year China Discovered America.

David Clymer - World War II: the Axis Assault.

Ruth Corwin - Generation in Jeopardy.

Dillon Courser - The Darkness & the Lighter Poems.

Walden Dye - A Dictionary of English Folklore.

Ronnie Graham - The New Manufacturing Challenge.

Joleen Hammeke - Parenting with Love and Magic.

Jo Ireland - Einstein's Greatest Blunder.

Mary Jacques - Russian Folk-Tales, Illustrated

Donna Geraldine Jantz  - Bemelmans, The life & Art of Madeline's Creator.

Kelly Kerr - The Arabian Nights.

Catherine Langley - Years of Wonder.

Lee Marley - Just Eagles.

Paul Moreland - An American Insurrection.

Danny Ray Perry -  L. Frank Baum: Creator of OZ.

James Sheahan - The Voyages of Sinbad the Sailor and Secrets: A Memoir of Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers.

William Wyss - Section 27: A Century on a Family Farm.



Robert "Bob” Green - They Fought like Demons: Women Soldiers in the American Civil War.

Opal Spoon - Reap the South Wind.

Howard B. Holliday - Samuel Pepys: an unequaled self.

Mrs. Wanda June Pfund  - The Majesty of the Law Reflections of a Supreme Court Justice.

J.D. Reed - The Collected Poems of Robert Penn Warren.

Marjorie Gilroy Knowles - Cool, Calm & Collected Poems of Carolyn Kisser.

Faith Kabeera - The 4 Seasons of Kansas.

Betty Mikesell - A Wrinkle in Time.

Loree Achenbach - Making a Literary Life: Advice for Writers & other Dreamers.

Jack Brown - The Zen of Golf.

Florence Taliaferro - The First Americans.

John R. Pruitt - The Complete Encyclopedia of Trees & Shrubs.

Silver Dodson - American Bison: A Natural History.

Donna Parsons - Psalm Twenty Three.

Betty Wolf - Life of Pi.

Shirley Nelson - America's Women.

Patrick Russell - JFK: Remembering Jack.

Vera Youngren - Imaging Shakespeare.

Robert Erwin - The Answer to How is Yes.

Helen Kness - Jonathan Edwards: A Life.

Eunice Schemmer - The Two Faces of Islam.

Marlea Waddell - The Wilderness Family.

From: Don and Linda Billingsley                                                                 

Clarence "Whitey" Hilyard  - Sir Walter & Mr Jones: Walter Hagen, Bobby Jones and Rise of American Golf.

Paul Moreland - Stickley Brothers: The quest for an American voice.

Loree Gayle Achenbach  - Eve's Rib. 

Donna Parson - Tranquility Fountains. 

John Benjamin Jenkinson - Poetry Speaks. 

Mae Beard - In the Presence of my Enemies. 

Tim Brazil - Lewis Carroll: the Complete Illustrated Works, 

Angeline S. Hoyle - Theology in America.

From: Clifford W. Stone

Mrs. Clifford W. ("Sally" Connell) Stone - Arts and Crafts Movement
       Famous American Illustrators
       Painting with Acrylics: 27 Acrylic Painting Projects
       Photo Speak
       Tromp L'oeil.

Lowell D. Scribner - Cattle: An Informal Social History.

Mary F. Porschle - Memorial Let's Roll! : Ordinary People, Extraordinary Courage.

Lloyd M. Eaton, Jr. - Measure Twice, Cut Once.

John Norm - Wheels for the Road.

Muriel Alberta (Noller) Oursler - Glory, Passion & Principle.

Sarah Alice Burr Lovitt - The Symphony Orchestra and It's Instruments.

From: The Butler Cross Country Team of 2003

Chris Trotter - American Decatheletes: a 20th Century Who's Who.

From: Greg and Emily Mathias

J. B. Jenkinson - Swinging the Dream: Big Band Jazz and the Rebirth of American Culture.

From: Jim Erickson

Marianne Koke - The Essential Bill Monroe and His Blue Brass Boys
     The Music of Bill Monroe from 1936 to 1994
     The Stanley Brothers: Early Years 1958-1961.

From: Charmain Sundgren

Shirley Nelson - Atlantis: 3 tales
      Les Miserables.

From: Curtis & Annette Hammeke

Shirley Nelson - Rebecca.

From: Rani Ahmad

Elizabeth J. "Betty" Boardman - Miracles: Poems by Children of the English Speaking World
     Nine Animals and the Well
     The Giant Encyclopedia of Theme Activities for Children 2 to 5
     Arnie the Doughnut.


From: Linda Billingsley - Complete Diabetic Cookbook.

From: Lt. Col. Steven Dorfman - Geography in America
     Geography: It's History & Culture
     Geography: Theory in Practice Agriculture
     Leader's in American Geography
     Mapping the Next Millennium
     The Rand McNally Elementary Geography
     Van Loon's Geography.

From: Clifford W. Stone - The Business of Heave.
     There are no Shortcuts.

From: Curtis & Juli Willhite - Horseshoes, Cowsocks & Duckfeet.