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Memorial, Gift, Honor & Marianne Koke Folk Arts Collection


Annually the L. W. Nixon Library collection is further enriched by the new books that are donated. These are memorial books, honoring a loved one who has passed away, or gift books, commemorating a special event in the life of a family member or friend.

To arrange to place a memorial or gift book with the L. W. Nixon Library, please contact the library by e-mail at or phone El Dorado (316)322-3234, Wichita/metro area(316)733-3234.

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FOR                                    TITLE

Saxton Haselwood, Son of Randy & Rebecca Haselwood - Enough: True Measures of Money, Business, and Life.

Rodney Hollis, Husband of Jerre Hollis - Strengths Based Leadership.

Jessie Metzger, Father of Daniel Gorman - Making it all Work. 

Wanda Dillmon, Wife of Keith Dillmon - How Language Works: how Babies Babble, Words Change Meaning and Words Live or Die.

Billy Burke, Father of Dr. Tom Burke (President of Kansas City Kansas College) - American Lion: Andrew Jackson in the White House.

Lola Knackstedt, Grandmother of Christy Rittle - Olive Kitteridge.

Sylvia Simpkins, Mother of Ida Mae (Simpkins) Benton - 3:16: the Numbers of Hope.

A.T. “Jack” Jacobelli, Father-in-law of Linda Jacobelli - The Thoreau you don't know.

Joseph Guy Ayers, Father of James and Micaela Ayers - An Unofficial companion to the novels of Terry Prachett.

Dr. Douglas Hoyle, Brother of Wayne Hoyle - A Passion for nature: the life of John Muir.

Evelyn Edwards, Mother of Jim Edwards - Madame President 1901-1805: Nellie Fairbanks.

Analisa Jannie Rodriquez, Infant daughter of Adrian & Christy Rodriquez - Cynthia Rylant's Snow ( a children's book)

Roy Long, Sr., Father-in-Law of Teresa Long - Animals make us human.

Bayleigh Stovall, Daughter of Ashlie Jack - The Best plays: theater yearbook 2002-2003.

Etolia “Toby” Siegrist, Mother of Linda & Buford Pringle - Great peacemakers: true stories from around the world.

Kyle Parson, Cousin to Mrs. Sharon Rogers - Paul Klee, poet/painter.

John Barlow, Father of Martha Enlow - The Illustrated man.

Mildred “Mini” Wolfe, Mother of Mike Fatkin - The Underneath.

Phyllis Peterson, Mother of Bob Peterson - The Best plays of 2000-2001.

In memory of Robert Cornell, Father of Norm Cornell - Weather matters.

In memory of Norma Foster, Mother of Sheryle Dunbar - The guide to Kansas birds and birding hot spots.

In memory of Dawn Helmer, Sister of Mike Helmer - The nature of Kansas lands.

In memory of Howard Knaussman, Father of Karla Duran - Showing up for life: thoughts on the gifts of a life at home.

In memory of Howard Knaussman, Father of Karla Duran - Basketball philosophy: thinking outside the paint.

In memory of Jim McCauley, Father-in-law of Martina McCauley - Finding Oz: How L. Frank Baum Discovered the Great American Story.

In memory of Representative Kenneth Green, Husband of Marjory Green - The Blue Sweater.

In memory of Devin Burress, Daughter of Jeb and Lee Ann Burress - Play: how it shapes the Brain, opens the Imagination, and invigorates the soul.

In memory of William (Bill) Kirkpatrick, Husband of Betty Kirkpatrick - 10-10-10: 10 minutes, 10 months, 10 years - a life-transforming idea.

In memory of Nick Fleming, Son of Terry and Karen Fleming - The legend of Sigurd and Gudrun.

In memory of Elmo Nash, Father of Sue Potter - Franklin's thrift: the lost history of an American virtue.

In memory of Thomas A. Nevills, Husband of Janice Nevills - My Father's tears.

In memory of Gladys Heald, Mother of Robert Broyles, Jr. - Martha Stewart's encyclopedia of crafts.

In memory of Chris Corbin, Son of Betty and David Corbin - Strategies that promote student engagement.

In memory of Bill Pickering, Husband of Margaret Pickering - An edible history of humanity.

In memory of Joy Watson, Sister of Romona Green - Understanding perennials: a new look at an old favorite.

In memory of Dalin Schowalter, Husband of Karen Schowalter - Hometown appetites: The story of Clemintine Paddleford.

In memory of Ralph Schulte, Father-in-law of Steve Cless - American Bee: the National Spelling Bee.

From: Chris and Susan Howell

From: Sonja Milbourn's Butler Student Connect Class of Fall 2009

In memory of Gay Isom, Wife of Ollie Isom - The best American poetry 2009.

In memory of Louella Harp, Grandmother of Mike Helmer - The National Parks: America's best idea.

In memory of Vearl Fager, Father-in-law of Galen Evans - Poseidon's Steed: the story of seahorses.

In memory of William Kemple, Grandfather of Karen Shephard - Pictorial Webster's.

In memory of Lucille Ferguson, A Benefactor of Butler Community College - The Philosophical baby.

Vickie (Cochrane) Mower, Wife of Russ Mower - Artfully Done: Across Generations.

Gary McEachern, Husband of Suzanne McEachern - The Age of Wonder.

Mary Moon, Mother-in-law of Mary Moon - Jane Goodall: Hope for Animals and Their World.

Evan Coen, Grandson of Cindy Miles - Peter and the Sword of Mercy.

Keith Anderson, Father of Sue Williams - Rocket Man: the Epic Story of the First Men on the Moon.

Wanda Mae Henn, Grandmother of Amy Kerschner - The Garden Primer.

Charles Long, Father-in-law of Vicki Long - Critical Insights: the Tale of Edgar Allan Poe.

Jack Hamilton, Husband of Karen Hamilton - The Book of the Shepherd.

Lucy Jondel, Mother of Dennis Anderson - The Right Decision.

Robert Rogers, Father-in law of Sharon Rogers - The Road to Oz.

Gladys Coffman, Grandmother of Teressa & Jeff Eastman - The Fourth Part of the World.

Robert Saferite, Husband, Father, Grandfather of Evelyn Saferite, Stan Seymour, Jennifer Steinkamp - Hell Hawks: the Untold Story of the American Fliers who Savaged Hitler's Wehrmacht.

In memory of Larry T. McCoy - Big Joe's trailer truck.

In Memory of Whitney Young - Bass Ackwards & Belly Up.
     Bicycle Diaries.
     Undress Me in the Temple of Heaven.
     Young Traveler's Gift: 7 Decisions that Determine Personal Success.
     SKA Guitar. (with CD)
     SKa'd for Life: a Personal Journey.


FROM                                             TITLE

Bob Peterson - How to Give a Damn Good Speech.
     The King's English. 
     Sons and Lovers.
     Melissa Mar Love is Hell.

Barbara Kramer - Pueblo Pottery Designs.
       Prehistoric Hopi Pottery Designs.
      Authentic Indian Designs.
      Santa Clara Pottery Today.
      Southwestern Pottery.

Cliff Stone - The Collectors.
     Against medical advice.

Carol Renfro - Those who trespass.
     A Woman of independent means.
     My old man and the sea.

Cheryl Brown - Dear John.

Victoria McKain - Pastwatch: the redemption of Christopher Columbus.
     Islam: a thousand years of faith and power.
     Adem's cross.
     Inside the walls of Troy.
     Red scarf girl: a memoir of the cultural revolution.
     The singing mountain.
     Stones in water.
     Dateline: Troy.
     Masada: the last fortress.
     Greek people.
     The Guerrilla girls' bedside companion o the history of western art.
     The Queens: portraits of women of power.
      The Planet hunters.

Glenn Lygrisse - Time annual 1995: the year in review.
     Yes you can achieve financial independence.

Linda Billingsley - Portrait of a Killer.
     The Pillars of the Earth.
     The Tear of the Goat.
      Loving Frank.
     Pieces of my Heart. (Robert J. Wagner Biography)
     The Planet hunters

Peggy Krause - In memory of Mary Lou Bentley Purcell, Mother of Peggy Krause - Winchell: gossip, power, and the culture of celebrity.

From: The Staff of the L. W. Nixon Library

 Virgil N. Werner, Father of Judy Bastin - Superior, Nebraska.
     Dustin Armstrong Cheer!
     Three Teams.

Mary Margaret Morris Boyd, Mother of Martha Gregg - The Daring Book for Girls.

From: Kay Carroll

Graydon and Mildred Carroll - The Rest I Noise.
     Sibelius : the Orchestral Works : an Owner's Manual.
     Ice Breakers: 60 Fun Activities.
     Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: a Biography.

From: Martha Gregg

Wilbur E. McMurtry, Uncle of Martha Gregg - Think Again: a response to fundamentalism's claim on Christianity.

Marianne Koke Folk Arts Collection

FOR                                     TITLE

Marianne Koke - Burl Ives, Philco's Friendly Troubadour.
     Big Bills Brooney Vol. 3: the War and Postwar Years 1940-1941.
     The New Lost City Ramblers: the Early Years 1958-1962.
     The New Lost City Ramblers, Vol II, 1963-1973
     Out Standing in their Field.
     The New Lost City Ramblers: there Ain't No Way out.
     The Best of the Dixie Hummingbirds.
     Kerouac's Last Dream by Ramblin' Jack Elliot.
     Bob Dylan Live 1966, the Royal Albert Hall Concert.
     The Hobo's Last Ride by Norman & Nancy Blake.
     Back Home in Sulpher Springs.
     Reverend Gary Davis: Pure Religion, Bad Company.
     Harlem Street Singer by Blind Gary Davis.
     Reverend Gary Davis: the Video Collection.
     Best of the Flatt & Scruggs TV Show: Classic Bluegrass from 1956-1962 Vol. 3.
     Best of Flatt & Scruggs TV show, Vol. 6.
     Charlie Poole & the North Carolina Ramblers: old time songs.
     The Complete Blind Willie Johnson.
     A Corn licker still in Georgia: Gid Tanner and his Skillet Lickers.
     A Folksinger's choice by Theodore Bikel.
     Freedom Highway by the Staple Singers.
     Greatest Gospel hits by Shirley Caeser.
     Greatest hits by Staple Singers.
     The Long ride by Ramblin' Jack Elliot.
     The Norman & Nancy Blake compact disc.
     Norman & Nancy Blake: blind dog.
     The Skillet Lickers, vol. 1 1926-1927.
     The Skillet Lickers, vol. 2 1927-1928.
     The Skillet Lickers, vol. 3 1928-1929.
     The Skillet Lickers, vol. 4 1929-1930.
     The Skillet Lickers, vol. 5 1930-1934.
     The Skillet Lickers, vol. 6 1926-1927.
     Snuffy Jenkins: pioneer of the Bluegrass Banjo.
     Songs of protest by the Almanac Singers.
     Songs of the earth Theodore Bikel and the Pennywhistlers.
     The Stoneman family: old time tunes of the South.
     Which side are you on? The best of the Almanac Singers.
     You ain't talkin' to me, Charlie Poole and the roots of Country music.
     Pete Seeger: the power of song.

From: Robert LeRoy Smith

Marianne Koke - The Traditional tunes of the Child ballads, vol I, II, and III.