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Memorial, Gift, Honor & Marianne Koke Folk Arts Collection


Annually the L. W. Nixon Library collection is further enriched by the new books that are donated. These are memorial books, honoring a loved one who has passed away, or gift books, commemorating a special event in the life of a family member or friend.

To arrange to place a memorial or gift book with the L. W. Nixon Library, please contact the library by e-mail at or phone El Dorado (316)322-3234, Wichita/metro area(316)733-3234.

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FOR                              TITLE

From: Butler Community College

Korey Howell, Son of Wilma Howell/Brother-in-law of Susan Howell - Notes from a Classroom: Reflections in Teaching.

Harry Koslowsky, Husband of Theodora Koslowsky - By Hook or by Crook: a Journey in Search of English.

Lisa Wilson Ragsdale, Daughter of Rex Wilson - The Making of a Story: a Norton Guide to Creative Writing.

Bryant Mackey, Husband of Marie Mackey - Here if You Need Me.

Chad Barhnart, Brother of Crystal Crank - What's Out There: Images from Here to the Edge of the Universe.

Roy Payne, Father-in-Law of Brett Anborm - Time & Materials: Poems, 1997-2005, A National Book Award Winner.

Mrs. Duncan, Mother of Marv Duncan - The Book of Psalms

Lawrence "Dewey" Vandegrift, Father of Stacia Pickrell - The American Dream.

Randi Ward, Father-in-law of Heather Ward - The Perils of Peace: America's Struggle for Survival After Yorktown.

Clarence Clary, Father of Mary Moon - The War : an Intimate History.

Brian Zerbe, Son of Carter & Lolita Zerbe - The Heritage Guide to the Constitution.

Lois Kuhns, Mother of Rob Kuhns - An Uncertain Inheritance: Writers on Caring of Family.

Betty McAdoo, Mother of Connie Langhofer - Surprised by Hope: Rethinking Heaven.

Wayne Farmer, Husband of Nancy Farmer - Maps: Finding our Place in the World.

Robert Donley, Father of Dane Donley - How Mathematicians Think.

Darin Enlow, Father-in-law of Martha Enlow - Herman Melville: Bloom's Classic Critical Views.

David Daw, Father-in-law of Nancy Daw - No-man's Land: One Man's Odyssey Through the Odyssey.

Jimmie Angel, Brother of Susan Duncan - Vital Friends.

Johnny Lee, Brother of Connie Finger - The Art of William Steig.

Beverly Hess, Grandmother of Carri Waters - Minding the Dream: the Process and Practice of the American Community College.

Dr. Robert F. Clarke, Father of Linda Clarke - Kansas in the Great Depression: Work, Relief, the Dole and Rehabilitation.

Jacob Byfield, Son of Kevin & Stacy Byfield (late Lisa Byfield) - The Night Before Christmas.

Wayne Farmer Jr., Father-in-law of Nancy Farmer - An Open Book.

Leland Bilson, Brother of Anne Bilson - How Math Explains the World.

Maxine Nicks, Grandmother of Teresa Eastman - Cartographia: Mapping Civilization.

Bill Perry, Father of Regina Austin Fresh - The Ten Most Beautiful Experiments.

Eldon Howell, Grandfather of Kris & Susan Howell - Plays by Clyde Fitch.

Jessie Wright, Sister of Judy Ireland - The Ordeal of Elizabeth Marsh.

Alice Fay Smith, Mother of Melba Cook - What is Emotion?

Darrel Erikson, Husband of Sue Erikson - The Billionaire's Vinegar.

Pat Stanley, Wife of Bobby Stanley - Textile Designs: Two Hundred Years.

Wayne Bogart, Father of Earlene Bogart - Novel Destinations.

Margaret May Wheeler, Mother of Lorrie Crumley - Last-minute Knitted Gifts.

Ron Syers, Husband of Laurie Syers - Final Salute.

Howard Eugene Bazil, Father of Linda Jacobelli - The Farther Shore.

Dorothy Gard, Mother of Ed Gard - The Boy Who was Raised by Librarians.

Sherry Bowman Kragh, Mother of Kendra & Krista Kragh - Looking for Anne of Green Gables.

Joe Avery, Husband of Donna Avery - Survival of Rural America.

Virginia Anderson, Sister of Lonnie Snook - A Voyage Long and Strange: Rediscovering the New World.

Adolf Reisig, Father of Alexis Reisig-Hopkins - The Lost Saranac Interviews: Forgotten Conversation with Famous Writers.

Molisssa Bilson, Sister-in-law of Anne Bilson and Dee Cannon - Praying: Finding our way Through Duty to Delight.

Mollie Bilson, Niece of Anne Bilson and Dee Cannon - Children's Literature: a Reader's History.


FROM                                   TITLE 

Carol Renfro - Life Strategies.
     The DaVinci Code.
     Cry Wolf.

Tad Waddington - Lasting Contribution.

Denise Low - From Kansas to Harlem.

Charlie Renne - A Truck Fell on Me.

Mary Watson - Talmud, 19 Volumes.
     Great Books, 54 Volumes.

Rachel Ayers - Joust.
     Freedom's Ransom.
     Exile's Valor.

Vikki Jo Stewart - The Audacity of Hope. 
     Fahrenheit 451.

Meg McGranahan - Blended Learning in Higher Education.

Marianne Koke Folk Arts Collection

FOR                                 TITLE

From: Mike Wotawa

Marianne Koke - A Treasury of Railroad Folklore.
     A Treasury of Southern Folklore.

From Clifford W. Stone

Mrs. Michael (Betty Bond) Prohodsky - Women and Money.